Sunday, June 13, 2010


Material Safety Data Sheet - "Sodium Fluoride"

Do not ingest."

Those are the words which should be important to you.

This is the official Material Safety Data Sheet that OSHA requires be created for any toxic chemical that may be encountered in a workplace. I suggest you read the parts pertinent to you, but obviously you can skip it's physical, chemical characteristics. Look at all the damage it causes, then ask why it is placed, on purpose, by the government of this country in 80% of municipal water supplies.

I just got a water filter for my kitchen sink that filters mercury, but it cannot filter fluoride, even in compound, because Sodium and Fluorine are two of the smallest atoms. If you afford $1000 to buy an atmospheric water generator so that you can drink and cook with absolutely pure water, I highly recommend one of these. I don't drink much water, but I'm seriously considering ordering one and making my own tea here instead of ordering it at my restaurant.

But "sodium fluoride," which is actually a blanket name for hundreds of chemical compounds (most being industrial waste products) is so small a family of molecules that you don't even need to ingest it. You only need to have it in contact with your skin for it poison you. That's why they picked it, that and the fact that the big chemical companies make billions of dollars per year selling it to governments around the world. You are being poisoned every time you shower or bathe, get into a swimming pool or enjoy a whirlpool. And every time you brush your teeth, you not only swirl the water in your mouth but get a mega-dose of fluoride from your toothpaste.

Look at the rear panel of the next toothpaste carton you buy -- it will contain a drug information panel the same as any pharmaceutical drug, along with a warning to call the poison control center if you ingest any more toothpaste than the size of a pea. But most people never look at the back of their toothpaste's box. I never did. I opted for the giga-dose fluoride treatments when I went to the dentist; I even remembering getting them in elementary school, at school. Why do you think they gave us free fluoride treatments as kids that would cost $30 or so at a dentist? Because they wanted you to have strong teeth?

Fluoride actually causes dental fluorosis. It is named after the poison -- yellowing and weakening of the teeth. Again, this is not my brilliant discovery. Alex Jones' father is a dentist, and he says that even his colleagues are largely ignorant of the fact that not only does "fluoride" cause tooth decay, it causes decay in most of your major organs, including the brain.

I hope this will be a black-and-white example that not everything I write about is wild, speculative conspiracy theory. Here you have the government's own Data Sheet on "fluoride" telling you what it is doing to you and your children, your families and friends. Only no one thinks to download and read these things. Download and read it, please.

I'll leave you with one last fact, which you also can Google search if you don't believe me. It was not George Bush or Barry Hussein Soetoro who discovered this magic elixir of the globalists. It was established fact in 1930s Germany that "fluoride" dumbs humans down and makes them servile. That's why Adolf Alois Schickelgruber, who you know as Hitler, chose it as an additive to his country's water supplies. He had his reasons. What do you think the motives of those who control the United States are?

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