Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to the Future

"...this really is starting to feel like 1932..."

This will be worse than the Great Depression. Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted this predicament a couple of years before we saw it start under Bush and are seeing it worsened on purpose by "Obama." He calls it "The Greatest Depression," and I have no reason to disbelieve him. We are going into an economic deathtrap the likes of which Americans have never seen, because the current situation is not a result of free markets working towards a natural equilibrium.

The economy has not been allowed to proceed in a fair, organic manner. Instead, the globalists have been using the big banks of the world and especially those in America to manipulate the world markets at every level, their big guns being the fractional reserve system and the newer derivatives which they conjured from thin air. There is more fiat, digital currency floating in the Ether(net) between the banks than there is in the value of all the actual, physical assets in the world. Therefore the system is not in danger of collapsing, but must collapse as a matter of simple mathematics. It was designed to collapse, after lasting long enough to transfer all of your assets to the banksters.

And the worst part about the coming collapse is that, unlike in 1932, the average American has been educated in a system designed to make them helpless in terms of individual survival. During the Dust Bowl and Great Depression years, America was still largely a rural, farming nation. Yes, there were the big cities, but the suburban communities had not formed, so either one lived in a major city like New York or L.A., or one likely lived on a farm or a small town. And even those in the big cities likely grew up a farm or was only one generation removed from farming or ranching.

This is key. The family farm in the United States has been almost completely eliminated as part of the elites' plans. Most corn, wheat, beans, fruit, beef, chicken, pork and all the other basic staples of your diet are grown on mega-farms owned by a few giant corporations. This is problematic not only because they use GMO seeds and animals almost exclusively, designed to poison and sterilize you, but for the simple fact that when they decide to, the globalist leadership can snap their fingers and turn your local grocery store into 8000 square feet of bare shelving.

Think about how you would feed yourselves if this happens. I don't know how to plant fields or harvest them, or how to raise and slaughter animals. I'd starve within two weeks if the food supply were flicked off like a light switch, and, while there is no current plan to do that anytime soon in the globalists' documents, it has been discussed in the past. People freak out when their Blackberry service is interrupted for a few hours; imagine what would happen if there were no more food being produced. Mad Max to the Nth degree.

Storable food and non-GMO seeds are both very good investments right now. There is a reason why MSNBC and the other controlled media always throw in derogatory comments about survivalists and people who hoard food and buy "survival seed banks." It's because the globalists don't want you to have the food you'd need to survive if they decide to drop the hammer on you. After all, it would take far less time and be far cheaper for them to simply order their corporations to stop producing food for the general population, much easier than it would be to go house to house, shooting everyone in the head. A war of attrition instead of direct action. The troublemakers, we gun owners, will be rounded up and put into camps, but I doubt they have enough work camp space for 320 million Americans and illegal aliens. They'll simply say no soup for you, and you'll starve to death. Quick and clean.

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