Thursday, July 8, 2010


Water Samples Show High Toxicity in Gulf

The government has been lying about every aspect of their false flag terror operation the media are still calling the "Gulf oil spill" since the beginning. Even before, in fact, since Soetoro gave a special safety award to Deepwater Horizon months before his agents blew it up. Now they're lying about how much of the methane and other toxins spewing from the shattered well is out there, oh, and of course, lying about how much poison their Corexit is adding to the water.

Independent, non-government-controlled tests are showing levels of propylene glycol well over ten times that which kills fish. Corexit is not a chemical, it is a combination of several chemicals. For propylene glycol to be present in the range of 350ppm, there must be far more Corexit in the water than the government and their BP buddies are admitting have been used. Residents in the Gulf are reporting airplanes flying at night with their lights off, which is illegal, spraying Corexit onto the water. There are also reports of planes flying over the beaches, spraying bleach on the sand to camouflage the oil.

Let's do a simple calculation, and I'll make this way too conservative by pretending that Corexit is made of 100% propylene glycol, which is only one component. One part per million is equal to one milligram of a chemical per liter of water. So there are 350mg of that deadly chemical in every liter of water, at least at the spot where these water samples were collected. Let's say that there are a trillion liters of water in the affected area in the Gulf of Mexico, which has to be a very conservative guess. That means, assuming there's that little water, and that Corexit is all propylene glycol, which it is not, that there are 350 million kilograms of the stuff in the water.

BP tells us that only several hundred thousand gallons of Corexit have been used. One gallon of liquid, depending on its density of course, weighs roughly three kilograms. So, using all these conservative number, and again these are extremely rough and inaccurate guestimates, we see that there must be hundreds of times the amount of Corexit in the Gulf than is admitted. And don't forget that this one chemical is but one of six or seven component chemicals which make up Corexit 9500. So the true amount of this poison dispersant must really be thousands of times greater than the media report from BP's and the Coast Guard's figures.

WikiAnswers (and nothing "wiki" can be trusted as being greatly accurate, I admit) the Gulf of Mexico contains around 650 quadrillion gallons. Of course most of the Corexit spawned chemicals will hang around the surface of the water and the shallower depths, and not all of the Gulf has yet been affected by the oil/methane mix and the Corexit that BP has been spraying. But that's a lot of water compared to my lowball estimate of 1 trillion liters, which is about 264 billion gallons, so about 2.5 billion times more total water is in the Gulf than I used for my illustration.

One thing is obvious: BP is lying about their use of Corexit. If the media were to do their job for once and do what I have just done, it would cause a panic in all five Gulf states. That may be what the government wants. They may wait a couple more weeks or months until the entire world supply of poison Corexit is exhausted, until the water is as toxic as they can get it, then suddenly have the EPA announce that, due to errors in their calculations or faulty equipment, the levels of toxins in the Gulf are orders of magnitude higher than previously thought. Then FEMA gets to come in and perform their beta test mass evacuation and encampment.

Think about this: the average worker who labored to clean up the Exxon Valdez spill, which happened to be the first large-scale use of Corexit, died at age 51. And that was working around far less dispersant then than has been dispersed this time. Oil has reached all five Gulf states, meaning that the Corexit also has. Oil and tarballs have now washed up on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It is now making its way up the Eastern seaboard. I have the feeling that when it finally gets to the D.C. area, maybe the spineless politicians will start demanding answers from Barry Soetoro.


  1. We do not know what human health effects might occur after long-term exposure to food and water contaminated with benzene. In animals, exposure to food or water contaminated with benzene can damage the blood and the immune system and can cause cancer.

    Cancer is not something that will show up after a week of exposure to toxic chemicals - it can and does take years to form and cause its insidious damage. Telling the Gulf Locals to stay inside is not the answer.... the poison is everywhere, carried, as it were on the winds.......