Friday, July 9, 2010

Turnabout is Fair Play

The Congress is outraged now that German authorities have uncovered evidence that Google's "Wi-Spy" vans managed to collect personal information from several members' residences. I think this is hilarious, and, like most of what they say, hypocritical. They are pushing the Cybersecurity bill that will put black boxes in every person's home to monitor everything they do on the internet, and another box to control what you can watch on TV. But they don't like it when the policies they are pushing on us are turned around and used on them.

Make no mistake about it, what Google did was illegal, and they are rightly being pursued by European authorities for prosecution. Hopefully this revelation will spur our Justice Department to do the same. As a side issue, it is kind of frightening to think that the members whose data was stolen by Google are using unsecured wireless networks. Surely they conduct some official business from home, emailing each other and the companies who have bought them off and their controllers. On an unsecured network, all uploaded and downloaded data is plainly visible to snooping programs like Google used. So anything the members happened to be doing over the internet that might have been of a sensitive nature was captured and is stored in Google servers while the vans were in range of their routers.

Congress routinely writes into bills exemptions for themselves. They make themselves above the laws that they write and with which they are enslaving us. Let this be a lesson to them.

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