Thursday, July 8, 2010


U.S. Debt Leaps $166 Billion in Single Day

Did you hear this? Soetoro, Reid and Pelosi managed to add, at the behest of their bankster bosses, a stunning $166 billion to our national debt in one single day last week. That's about one third of the entire cost of the illegal war in Iraq. That's one fifth of the bankster bailout package, and of the "stimulus" package. There is literally no way out of this debt spiral into which we have been spun, according to every economist, without a devaluation of the dollar. The American people have been used for the last 77 years by the Federal Reserve banking cartel as a siege engine to allow them to buy up the rest of the world. Now that they have done so, we are no longer of any use, so we are being tossed in the trash can to join the other peoples of the world.

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