Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Military Now Patrolling Panama Beach

The U.S. military is now on our beaches in clear and direct violation of posse comitatus. This alone is enough to impeach and put Soetoro on trial. No executive order has the power to override a lawfully adopted act of Congress, such as the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act. The media and people should be screaming about this.

It is all a part of our government's plan to acclimate the people to the military being used against us. First they started with military "assisting" police at drunk driving checkpoints, then training with local law enforcement agencies on "counterterrorism" and gun control. They used the military to control the population in and around New Orleans after Katrina hit, and today they're using them to "help" in the Gulf.

The Gulf states do not need your help, Mr. Soetoro. In fact, they need you to get your verminous ass out of the way. Take back your military and Coast Guard, take back all the lawyers and regulators you sent down there to stall the cleanup, sit back and relax in your Red House and plan how next to help your bosses destroy America, you piece of trash.

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