Friday, July 9, 2010


Handcuffed Aussie Tased 28 Times, Dies

Unfortunately the title of this post refers not to a recipe for spicy tilapia or chicken, but the latest outrageous use of excessive force by police, this time in Australia. They had the man handcuffed but he was still struggling against them, so they tased him. 28 times. Until he died. Naked, on the bathroom floor. His face literally cooked until it turned black.

The police are being encouraged by their superiors to be ever more aggressive against the public, both in terms of investigating and harassing innocent people and in their willingness to use force, deadly force if at all possible. This is a horrible story; I feel for the woman who watched her lover electrocuted and cooked in front of her eyes by verminous, out of control cops. But, as the police will tell you, tasers are not deadly weapons.

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