Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nothing To See Here

BP, Police Detain Photographer

Thank you, George Bush, for having signed into law the destruction of our basic rights. The Patriot Act, as with most important, groundbreaking government bills, possesses a name quite opposite to what it actually does. The Patriot Act would more accurately be called the Bill of Rights Cancellation Act. There are reasons that BP doesn't want anyone to see what's happening in the Gulf, and the government is right there with them.

I'm half expecting to be S.W.A.T.ted myself for posting video of what appears to be their well literally melting (on Youtube, see earlier post). News and media are critical to keeping government and big business honest, or as least criminal as possible. The globalists have almost total control of the major media companies. But citizen reporters are thorns in their paw. Of course security must be tight at high-value, potential terrorist targets like refineries. But we all know that if a refinery does blow up in the next few months, especially a BP one, and especially if the controlled media do immediately announce that the government has suspects in custody and they are militia or Tea Party members, who really are the terrorists.

In this age of ultra-cheap, high quality cameras and camcorders, every responsible citizen should carry a video recorder at all times. For $180 I got a Kodak camcorder about the size of a pack of cards, which shoots 1080p HD video and 5MP still shots. Carry something like this in your pocket or keep it in the glove box of your car and you'll be ready the next time you run into an illegal "drunk driver" car search checkpoint or the military running gun confiscation drills.

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