Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Perfect Citizen

New NSA System To Spy On Americans

The name is so 1984, it should be dubbed "Perfect Orwellian." I've written about this many times before and have been telling my friends about it for years, the government operations which record and store everyone's telecommunications, including all of your internet activity. They then use behavior modeling applications and have their NSA computer farms build behavioral profiles for everyone in the country. I have no idea if the insiders' claims are true, but the government says that they can model your behavior with 90% accuracy based on all the surveillance you are under.

This illegal spying on American citizens by agencies whose task is to survey foreign threats has been going on for decades. The Echelon system was the first one to allow widespread, automated signals intelligence gathering, developed in the decade after World War II. An alliance between all the English speaking countries (besides Singapore), it focused on telephone and radio traffic, later adding the ability to intercept faxes when the fax machine came into wide use. Constantly upgraded with more powerful computers and software, it evolved into a system which automatically sifted through communications looking for keywords which it had been programmed to flag. If you were overheard saying things like "Down with America!" the computer would flag that call, notify a human operator, and an agent would be assigned to investigate you.

Echelon was incredible technology but it seems as outmoded as a vacuum tube radio today. There was quite a flap several years back when Echelon's successor in spirit, Carnivore, was revealed to the media. Designed specifically to intercept internet traffic, it was a network of government black boxes installed by the NSA in literal secret rooms at every major telecommunications trunk in the United States. The rooms were off limits to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or whoever owned the buildings in which the NSA was spying. Often the agency would have its own floor, for security reasons, guarded by men with guns. The public didn't much like the revelation that Carnivore was reading all their emails, listening to their voice chats and watching them for suspicious behavior when they used their webcams. And the name was scary, so they gave it a new, harmless one -- DCS-1000, for Data Collection System.

You won't believe me about Echelon, so watch it on TV:

We do not know what capabilities the current system used by the NSA has, but it is at least two generations more advanced than Carnivore and light years ahead of Echelon. The FBI has admitted that, by law, every cell phone manufacturer must include capability for the government to listen to your conversation, or to use the speakerphone microphone to listen to everything in the room, even when the phone is turned off. You won't believe me, so watch Schlep Smith on Fox News:

The government wants to track and database every single thing you do, down to the most ridiculous things -- watch CBS explain how your printer can spy on you:

That's right -- as long as the battery is in your phone the FBI can instantly type a command and listen to you. If your phone has a camera they can use that as well. and they not only listen to and watch you. The NSA and Homeland Security are using the GPS chips required by law in every cell phone to tracks and store your movement. Part of your behavioral profile, you see. An very important part, that.

The new, monstrous banking "reform" bill the Demoncats just passed openly mandates that every single purchase you make be reported to the government and stored in their server farms. It's in the bill. You won't believe me, so go read Andrew Breitbart on the subject. One member of Congress recently admitted that over 90% of the bills they cote on are never even read by the Senators and Irrepresentatives. The health care industry wrote the health scare deform bill, on record, the financial sector wrote the bankster bailout bills and big tech companies like IBM, Microsoft and G.E. wrote this horrible, Orwellian Cyber "Security" bill. It's on record.

The government's behavioral profiles for you and I will be made even more accurate, now that they can record everything you buy. They'll know what flavor of ice cream you prefer. They'll know if you have athlete's foot, if your children get head lice, they'll know how sexually active single people are based on the frequency of condom purchases. You are quite literally under government surveillance almost every single minute of your day. If your phone is on you or in the room, if you're on a computer, even if you're not using your computer but it is turned on, you are being spied on. Don't believe me, believe Prisonplanet.

Even your cars are now being used to survey you. Don't believe me, believe the U.K. Telegraph. The OnStar system has allowed the government to listen in on your conversations for years. Now they're working on black boxes for your car that will report "accidents" to the government and "driving behavior" to your insurance company. Video cameras hooked up to "avoid going the wrong way" on a one-way street. No, they're not working on it, elements of this are already in your car, those of you with newer vehicles. There are already black boxes that record speed, brake pressure, g-force in turns, and delta-v if you collide with something.

Friends, ask yourself this question. Are you, in government's eyes, a "perfect citizen?" Or do you occasionally do things of which Big Brother does not approve, like speaking out against the verminous, criminal impostor Barry Soetoro? I know I do. I am on the opposite end of NSA's spectrum from perfect citizen. Nearly every post I write has multiple phrases which are tagged by NSA's computers. I'm being spied on, but I know it, so I'm careful about what I write and what I say. If you didn't believe me that this is going on before, believe it now. They're openly announcing "Perfect Citizen" in the media, but don't worry -- it's only to prevent those nasty Chinese from hacking our power grid.

That's the way their tired system of acclimating the public works -- start with rumors, then announce the plan in public documents that no one except we "conspiracy theorists" know about, then announce the thing to the media as a limited program to test public opinion, then go full-bore. It's already full bore and it's been that way for years. You are being watched and listened to and read every single day, not by people but by computers, and that's bad enough for me. And, if you're like me and not a perfect citizen, you're being monitored occasionally by human agents. It's all real, it's happening to you, so please wake up to the reality.

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