Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oil Flowing Freely After BP Removes Cap

The media are for some reason reporting that it will take BP two or three days to replace the old cap, which was never intended to stop the oil, with a new, much heavier one, which will not have been designed to stop the geyser. BP's own management, however, are saying 4-7 days. However long it takes, there is now absolutely nothing in place now to throttle the oil. I tried to get screen captures from the ROVs to compare how much oil is now coming out of the wellhead, but curiously none of the subs are in place at the moment. You'd think BP would want to monitor the change in the flow rate during these first hours of unfettered flow.

The truth is they do not want video to get out of the true, disastrous state of affairs there, down nearly a mile beneath the waves. But whether or not "Top Hat 10" is successful in capping the oil at the well site, as I have written over and over, that will make no difference as the well casing below the ocean floor is shattered. These next few days are simply the latest delaying tactic, only this one is especially evil because the oil will spew with no resistance against it. If BP were racing on the street this would be the equivalent of activating their nitrous injectors.

Before the cap was removed there were at least 1.2 million gallons of oil and even more cubic feet of methane being released into the ocean. That number will be multiplied by an unknown factor, but certainly double, but we will never be told the truth about what that multiplier is. For that matter, the globalists and our government do not plan to tell us the truth about anything, until we force them to in courts of law, under penalty of perjury.

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