Saturday, July 10, 2010

Invasion of the Body Flushers

Belgium Plans to Dissolve, Flush Bodies

This is the latest result of the global warming hysteria which evidently the submorons in Belgium still believe. They are concerned about all the carbon dioxide that released when bodies are cremated, so their solution: dissolve dead people in a caustic solution and flush them into the sewer system. So now when grandma dies, instead of having her in a nice urn to keep forever, she'll be floating next to the results of your last night's dinner. Lovely thought.

Never mind that the earth has been cooling for a decade, that carbon dioxide is what plants breather, or the CO2 is relatively harmless as a greenhouse gas, having much less effect per unit of weight than methane and many other chemicals. Flush the banksters and their government puppets, not the dearly departed.

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