Friday, July 9, 2010

Great Expectations

BP Hopes New Cap Will Stop Leak

This will go one of two ways, I can't predict which, but one of these -- either the new cap is successful in stopping the oil/methane/toxin flow almost entirely or entirely at the wellhead, or it will fail and increase the flow rate. If the new cap is "successful" it will not make a difference, because the well casing has been shattered. That's why, as I've written before, oil has been spotted gushing from naturally-bored vents in the ocean floor at least 20 miles away from the site of the detonated Deepwater Horizon.

There is no way to stop the oil from that trillion gallon stratum, nor the trillions of cubic feet of methane, nor the poison chemicals which accompany the two, from entering the Gulf's waters. Not even if BP wanted to could they, at this point in their terrorist operation, shut off the flow. The only possibility, according to industry experts, would be to use a low-yield nuclear device, but there is an equal chance that doing so would shatter the entire ocean floor which is containing the giant oil and gas pocket as much as it is now. If a nuke is used and shatters the roof over this stratum, the entire contents down below would be instantly released. It would be a planet killer.

Let's see how bold the globalists are, how far along in their endgame plans they think they are. If the media start hyping the use of a nuclear bomb, start pushing for it, that is a sign that BP will be ordered to go ahead and use one, or several. If they do go ahead and nuke the Gulf floor, it is my opinion that that will be because they have used computer simulation to conclude that there is a greater likelihood of it shattering the seabed and releasing all that oil than there is of working to seal the stratum permanently.

Or, of course, should they decide not to bomb the Gulf, and do somehow manage to stop the flow both from the wellhead and from the countless vents on the ocean floor, which I doubt is possible, that will be when their supercomputers have told them that there is enough oil and methane already escaped to accomplish whatever their strategy is for this operation. I believe it to be a test for FEMA evacuations and gun confiscation. If the oil is allowed to keep flowing for many more weeks or until the end of the year, I believe they may want to permanently evacuate the Gulf Coast region. If the oil is allowed to flow forever or if a nuclear detonation releases the entire contents of that giant petroleum pocket, I believe they have it in mind to kill the 95% of all human beings that is stated as optimal in their internal documents.

Time will tell. Maybe I've been completely delusional about the whole thing, BP's new cap will work next week, somehow the oil will stop coming out from those natural vents, and maybe the government will actually allow cleanup to be done. Maybe the fish, shrimp, lobster, oysters, crawfish, dolphins, sharks and whales will magically resurrect and breed in numbers sufficient to return fishing stocks to normal levels within a few short years. But I don't think so. This is day 82, I think, since the elite had Deepwater Horizon blown up. I think that, in their eyes, things in the Gulf are going just swimmingly.

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