Monday, July 5, 2010


White Voters Abandoning Obama

Finally it seems that the blind, deaf, dumb idiot liberal voters who helped Soetoro into the presidency are starting to notice that he has not done anything he promised, except for getting his health scare deform plan through Congress. His approval rating among whites has dropped 20 points, and it is bound to drop further. President Barry has not ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, only escalated the action in the latter. He has not created any jobs, nor prevented unemployment from reaching 8.0%, as he promised during his push for the Porkulus package, instead he has purposely destroyed jobs, with officially-admitted unemployment at 9.5% and the true unemployment + underemployment + given-up figure at 22%. He has not achieved greater world respect for the United States, only deepened divisions with our allies, most notably Israel. He has not done anything to stop the hemorrhage of criminal illegal aliens crossing our border, only implemented policies to encourage them to do so.

There is widespread voter remorse felt by nearly everyone who voted for the impostor they know as "Barack Obama," the only people still blindly following him being black people and the insane Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann types. They should do more than feel remorse, they should literally repent, because they have killed the country at least for generations to come, if not forever, by voting in Soetoro The Destructor. The globalists played the moronic liberal and independent citizens of this country like a Stradivarius, using the media and education system they devised decades ago to use political correctness to guilt-trip them into having to vote for the black man.

The man with not a single qualification to be a state senator, a U.S. senator, or to be our president. The man whose pastor and best friends are all Communists, racists, anti-American and vermin of every other low order. The treasonous hand puppet who was not born in this country and who occupies the Red House under a false name. If Soetoro allows the 2012 election to take place, I hope the daft white liberal voting block will pay more attention to he or she for whom they want to have in office.

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