Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fingerprint or Die!

Fingerprints Required to Enter CA Skate Park

In the '80s we had "Skate or Die!" Now... After 6PM kids must fingerprint scan to enter a skate park in a small California town. The alleged reasons: to prevent vandalism and to allow "authorities" to know the identities of those present if a crime should occur. This is a classic globalist tactic -- accuse the innocent of potential wrongdoing in the future, crack down on them in the present.

The real reason that things like this are being done all over the country is to acclimate people to being tracked and recorded everywhere they go. And it's easier to do with younger people, kids who grew up always having computers and cell phones and parents with GPS in their cars. The teens using this skate park will think nothing of having to present their finger for identification and storage. In fact, they'll probably think it's cool. The globalists have already won their battle trying to convince kids that there is nothing wrong with their entire lives being recorded by all the wonderful technology they enjoy so much. It's up to we older folk to make sure that our peers do not fall into the same trap.

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