Friday, July 9, 2010

Wasting Away Again

Jimmy Buffet Blames Bush for Gulf Oil Spill

Why anyone would pay attention to Jimmy Buffet baffles me. On politics, economics, environmental issues or anything else for that matter. No, Mr. Buffet, the oil disaster was not George Bush's fault. Many things were and are, but not this one. The man you worship as "Obama" signed off on a special safety waiver for BP and personally awarded a safety award to Deepwater Horizon. "Obama" is the one who has done everything in his unconstitutional power to stop any meaningful efforts to clean up the water and beaches. "Obama" is the one whose EPA has allowed BP to dump millions of gallons of admittedly toxic Corexit 9500 into the water, which is what is killing more of the life in the Gulf than the oil itself.

No Mr. Buffet, George Bush is not the one allowing oil and Corexit to wash up onshore and continue inland to marshes and estuaries, it is Barry Soetoro. George Bush is not the one failing to hold BP accountable for the checks they promised your friends and neighbors in the Gulf and now are refusing to issue. Bush is not the one who ordered FEMA to draw up evacuation plans. George Bush is now nothing more than what he was before he became governor of Texas and the president of the United States -- a spoiled brat who grew up in one of the most influential political families in America, and a mid-level CFR and Bilderberg member.

At least George Bush managed to kick his alcohol habit instead of glorifying it in song, polluting the minds of children who grew up listening to your talentless musings, Mr. Buffet. George Bush does not care what you think, Jimmy. You, with all your fame and gold records and adoring, idiot fans are nothing more than I in Bush's eyes, and those of the globalists -- another anonymous, useless eater who is slated for destruction. Maybe your next album should focus on exposing the globalist agenda instead of spinning tales of booze and cheeseburgers. But it won't, you won't, because you'd rather hide in a bottle than educate yourself. Like most people you don't have the courage because the truth is more frightening than waking up after the liquor store has closed only to find that you're out of rum and vodka.

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