Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sodium Fluoride Safety Data Sheet

I finally looked up the official Material Safety Data Sheet for "sodium fluoride," which is really a catch-all name for hundreds of chemicals put in municipal water supplies under that umbrella name. Go ahead and read the health effects. And they put it in our water. I contacted SAWS hoping to get an answer as to what level they put in our water here. The EPA says that 0.7-1.2ppm is considered a safe level. Scientific studies from Harvard and other prestigious institutions have found a 4x greater risk of you developing bladder cancer if your water has 1.0ppm of fluoride in it versus clean water. It's also linked to osteosarcoma, a rare cancer, especially in young boys.

Adolf Schickelgruber (Hitler) used fluoride in prisoners' water to keep them docile. It has many effects, none of which are good. It even manages to do the opposite of what the health services of the world say they put it in your water for. It worsens the condition of your teeth. Google "dental fluorosis." It's called that for a reason. I'm honestly considering buying one of those $1000 atmospheric water generators. That's the only way to get clean water unless you have access to an artesian well or a mountain spring. You can't even trust bottled water, even if it is distilled, because the Bisphenol A mandated as the only allowed plastic for drinking containers by the government, for over 50 years, causes fertility defects according to Yale and everyone else.

There is a reason why the U.N. reports that for the first time in human history, global fertility rates will drop below replacement levels. Do you understand the implications of that simple statement? The human race is on the path to extinction, except that it's not -- only we the "useless eaters" as we are called behind closed doors at the U.N. will die off. The elite cadre of royal, banking and industrial families will live in in decadence, along with a skeleton crew of us to farm their fields and repair their equipment.

If you can afford a water generator, get one. If not, at least look for toothpaste for yourselves and your kids that is organic and fluoride-free. And whatever you do, never get a fluoride "treatment" at the dentist. Certainly never allow children to have them. I found this gem:

"Dentists do not prescribe more than 264 milligrams of fluoride tablets at a time because the toxic dose of fluoride for a 2-year-old child weighing 22 pounds is 320 milligrams."

So at the 1ppm "safe" level, that means the toxic dose of fluoridated water for your two-year-old is 320 liters. Obviously they would die way before ingesting 320 liters from electrolyte imbalance, but consider that -- the toxic dose, if somehow having been drunk all at once is 320 liters. Your child can't drink that quantity in a day, but they certainly do in a year. Think about all the damage that has already been done to us at our ages. Scary.

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  1. .....It (fluoride) even manages to do the opposite of what the health services of the world say they put it in your water for. It worsens the condition of your teeth.


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