Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Arizona Immigration Law Gutted By Clinton Appointee

The last rays of light in America are being snuffed out by the socio-fascist liberals that have hijacked our country. Our liberty is dimming like a like bulb flickering during a thunderstorm. Whether the Demoncat vermin are able to switch off the republic entirely, or whether we will be able to restore power to the constitutional, representative form of government which the founding fathers created is currently up in the air, but things do not look good for our side right now.

There are at least 30 million illegal criminal aliens in our country, and no one knows the exact figure because the government refuses to count them. Think about that -- one in ten people within our borders are here illegally, 90% of which are from Mexico alone. Hundreds of billions of your hard-earned dollars are wasted every year feeding, housing and treating these criminals in hospitals. And they do not all come here to work -- that tired line is a sick joke told over and over by the liberal media. 60% of all crime in Arizona is perpetrated by illegal aliens, almost all from Mexico.

Mexico itself has one of the harshest set of laws and policies against people trying to penetrate their sovereign borders illegally, yet just weeks ago, Calderon had the gall to come here and denounce Americans who are against criminal migrants from his country as racist. This is all part of the globalist plan to destroy America, under their S.P.P. plan to demolish all borders and integrate Canada, Mexico and the United States into their North American Union, one of what will eventually be ten globalist-controlled regions of the world. It's all in their documents, freely available to the public if you know where to look and care enough to spend the time reading through them.

Illegal aliens are good for many parties, in fact for nearly everyone except honest, hardworking American taxpayers. The globalists want them here so that our economy is drained. Soetoro, Pelosi, Reid and the Dimocrats want them here to be legalized and give their party a new voting bloc and likely an unbreakable hold on power. The fake conservative wing of the Republican party secretly doesn't mind tens of millions of criminals here because it drives wages down and makes their big-business buddies' profit margins greater. Liberals of every stripe love having Mexico shoved up into the United States because it makes them "feel" good, never mind if means bankrupting the future of their children and their childrens' children.

Barry Hussein Soetoro, himself a criminal illegal alien, could have been arrested and deported if he entered Arizona, if the law had been upheld. So obviously he was against it for personal reasons on top of the fact that he was ordered by the globalists to knock it out, and beside the fact that his Communist upbringing and sycophantic uber-lib attitude necessitate pandering to the Mexicans. And he managed to shop his lawsuit to a Bill Clinton appointee judge, so this decision was no great surprise. The bad news for us is that the law will be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal Circuit Court and also the most overturned. They will uphold the traitorous federal judge's ruling, then the case will make its way to the Supreme Court.

A decision from the Supreme Court will take years and there is no guarantee that they will rule correctly. In the meantime Calderon, Soetoro and the globalists will continue to funnel as many criminal Mexicans as possible into the United States, more Americans will lose their jobs as states' economies are further drained by the illegals, more citizens will be murdered, raped and robbed and more drugs will come in through our unguarded border. Arizona was trying to do what Soetoro's administration, and Bush's, Clinton's, and Daddy Bush's regimes before him would not, under orders -- enforce existing federal law.

I have no doubt now that the government and their globalist controllers will never let the people regain power through peaceable means, and this is a very sad realization. They are trying to provoke an armed revolution, and so far Americans have exhibited an almost Gandhi-like refusal of violence. I will never go on the offensive, only defend myself and my property. The more intelligent amongst us realize that we must never attack the government, police and military or the banks that control them but I grow increasingly concerned that less-informed Americans will soon decide that enough is enough, and that's when the true horror will begin.

If you don't that this government is capable of massive culling of its own subjects, just pick up some history books. It has happened over and over, from times before human beings invented writing. It is, in fact, the default course of human civilizations and governments. For the last two hundred odd years, the United States of America bucked that trend. We were truly exceptional but, like nearly every other society in history, laziness, greed and corruption crept in and rotted us from within. This will end well for none of us.

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