Friday, July 30, 2010

Impersonal Jesus

Prince Charles: My Duty To Save The World

I've written of the royal families of Britain and Europe as long having been inbred, their genetics compromised from centuries of closed-loop mating. Aside from the obvious physical deformities that can result from unfortunate familial recombinations, invisible psychological and mental defects are quite common among the inbred. Case in point, the Prince of Wales. Evidently, in a new NBC documentary called "Harmony," as yet unaired, and in a new book of the same name, Charles outlines his raison d'etre: to save the world.

He speaks of "a sacred duty of stewardship of the natural order of things." He says that unbridled commerce has led to the destruction of farmland and countryside. I can translate this for you, this is simple globalist elite coded speech. What Prince Charles, the new Savior of the Earth means is that there are far too many useless eaters on the planet, and that you and I are harming the exalted Gaia. So, his mission, as the new Jesus, is to heal Her by removing as many of us as possible. This is the basic religious psychology of the New World Order. Technology has advanced to the point where they no longer need us.

This is why John P. Holdren, President Soetoro's Science Czar, wrote in the late '70s that he plans to remove over 90% of the world's population by means of involuntary sterilization and poisons in your food and water. That's why there is fluoride in your water, extra fluoride in your special "baby water," mercury in your corn syrup, BPA in your beverage bottles, and artificial sweeteners in your gum, even the kind that is not sugar free or reduced-calorie.

The globalists are allegedly worshippers of Lucifer. I don't really care if they are or if that is another conspiracy theory, I simply go off of what they say, write and do. But they are so bold about every other aspect of their plans. Instead of hiding his true nature and pretending that he is the Second Coming, Charles should have the balls to announce that he is the new Satan, or at least aspires to be a lesser demon, because that is far truer to his nature.

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