Monday, July 26, 2010

No Cameras!!!

Police Routinely Prevent Public From Photographing Public Buildings

One by one, slowly and inexorable, our rights are being stripped. In its methodical manner the government is teaching us to be slaves. Because of the Oklahoma City and 9/11 bombings which the government itself carried out against the innocent American people, they are now saying that we have no right to photograph government buildings. Even though we do. There's a reason why public building are called "public." because they belong to us and we have a right to access them. The rules for taking pictures of buildings used be similar to those for photographing people -- if there is no reasonable expectation of privacy and if the subject is out in the open, public space, then you may take all the photos you wish. Now, if you are visiting D.C. and want to take pictures of the IRS headquarters or the FBI or CIA buildings, you are a terrorist.

God forbid you should locate one of the new NSA computer farms going up all over the country to store the data their spy networks produce on you. WOAI television here in San Antonio attempted to shoot video of NSA's new complex here, from outside their fences, on public land, and they were forced to leave by government security forces. The government can watch you, listen to you and read your emails 24/7/365.24 but we are not allowed to document what they are doing. Look at their alarm regarding the military documents that Wikileaks released on the Internet yesterday. They're hypocrites at every level.

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