Monday, July 26, 2010

Foreign Aid

Goldman Sachs: Bailout Billions Sent to Overseas Banks

We all knew that this was why Li'l Timmy "TurboTax" Geithner and Ben Banknanke refused to tell Congress where our bailout money was going. It started with the other big financial institutions picking AIG as the sacrificial lamb to start the financial panic in 2008. Then, if you recall, the Congress was directly threatened with martial law in October of that year if they did not pass the first bailout package. The day after passage, these criminals then said that they now were diverting the money from what it was supposed to do, cover shaky home loan investments, and towards other purposes. They would not say where the money was going, and this is why.

It went to whomever they wanted it to, namely their friends, their bosses and wherever the banksters' bosses, the inbred, Luciferian global super-elite families told them to transfer it. Bloomberg reported eight months or so ago that $28.7 trillion had been stolen in the various bailout packages. The number now is probably in the range of $35-40 trillion, but no one knows because Soetoro's people have been ordered to keep the new data secret.

Think about that -- assuming only $30 trillion, and assuming 300 million actual taxpaying citizens and their families, that means that each person in the country, aside from the 30-50 million illegals, is on the hook for $100,000 just for the bankster bailouts. Not just working people who are paying into the system -- a day old baby already owes $100,000 just because of the treason committed by G.W., Barry Soetoro, Pelosi, Reid, Geithner, Bernanke and their globalist puppetmasters. That simple fact alone should fuel enough rage in the American people to sweep the criminals out of government in the next few years and imprison those guilty of lesser crimes, and give those found guilty of treason in federal court what they deserve.

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