Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chemtrails Confirmed

Watch the full resolution version at Youtube

This should put to rest the arguments of the idiot "conspiracy theory" deniers who claim that the criscross patterns of chemicals laid in the sky by fleets of government aircraft are simply water vapor contrails from their jet engines. This one simple video destroys that argument. What you see is a KC-10 Extender, the USAF conversion of a standard civilian Douglas DC-10. The normal KC-10 is a simple tanker with the equipment on board to permit in-flight refueling of fighter and bomber aircraft.

This one is different. You can clearly see the spray nozzles fitted to the underside of its wings. This aircraft is obviously modified specifically to spray chemicals from the tanks that would normally contain jet fuel for transfer to other planes. I know some of the chemicals which are being dispensed but a discussion of that would be too long and drawn out.

Bottom line, they're bad news, just like all the other ways the government is poisoning you. But this video should end the debate over whether chemtrails exist and whether the military are laying them in the sky on purpose.

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