Friday, July 30, 2010


Top Web Sites Install Hidden Spy Code on Users' PCs

Pervasive Tracking Software Feeds Personal Data to Companies

The government and private industry both know every single thing about you and me. They know our deepest inner thoughts and know our most shameful secrets. As long as you have typed or spoken of them just once you have no secrets. Yesterday the CIA bragged about "Recorded Future." Your past certainly has been recorded, analyzed and used to create a complete behavioral profile, stored on government servers, and you have a threat assessment score. Those of you who cooperate with the tyrannical takedown of the United States are low on the threat scale. Those of us who speak out against the criminal, rogue government and the shadowy figures controlling it are marked for destruction.

This investigation by the Wall Street Journal is excellent, but it still falls into the globalists' hands. They work by a process of acclimation -- they start by having the media claim that something they plan to do is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory, then maybe it's possible, then yes, it is being done to some degree but not to you, then they throw it in your face that everything was true right from the beginning. So now people who read the WSJ articles will accept the fact that private companies are spying on them, but it's only because they love you and they want to present you with advertisement that better suits your desires.

It won't be long before it is fully admitted even if the insane liberal media such as MSLSD that the government is and has for years been tracking and recording all of your telecommunications and even "private" conversations at home. And soon after that we will start seeing secret arrests and disappearings of dissenters for thought crimes, what Orwell named "pre-crime." It's just around the corner, but, being around a corner most people can't see that it's there. It is, and much closer than you think.

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