Saturday, July 31, 2010


Debris In Relief Well Delays BP's Latest Effort

Bullsh!t. BP and Thad Allen expect us to believe that they found "sediment" in BP's relief well which will delay they completion of the drilling of that well into the intersection of the Macondo well. Sediment that is the fault of Tropical Storm Bonnie. Except that BP announced that it had placed a temporary cap to plug the relief well ahead of Bonnie in order to prevent such clogging. Now, the government and BP are trying to convince us that the cap actually caused the mysterious sediment now preventing their final breakthrough from the relief well into the Macondo well.

One more lie, one further delay, at this point BP and Barry Soetoro have been able to convince their useful idiots in the media to spread the lie that the Gulf disaster is over, having mysteriously cleaned itself up. That is so far from the truth that Barry's nose should have grown to record proportions. But it will not, because he is both a psychopath and a sociopath, and you would never see it even if it did, because you have been blinded by the propaganda. Even as damaged as he is politically, Barry Hussein Soetoro remains remarkably effective against the dumb American Christian conservative white citizen because he is at every level the opposite, and we have been taught to cower to such a Superman.

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