Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wilieaks: Osama Photographed in 2006

Alex Jones had on his show yesterday two guests who were very skeptical of the recent massive Wikileaks document release, believing that either the site was tricked into releasing false information or was directly involved in a scam. This story, which appeared within the last hour might lend more evidence to imply that Wikileaks is working on behalf of the government.

Alex Jones and Mike Rivero, leading researchers in the field, both maintain that Osama bin Laden died around the time of the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. For Wikileaks, at a time when their credibility is already in question in the mainstream media, to come out with another press release claiming that they have photos of bin Laden from '06 is a very questionable move.

Mainstream media reported years ago that bin Laden was suffering from kidney failure and was in dire health. They also reported that he received dialysis treatment in a CIA hospital since, as has been officially confirmed, Osama was CIA trained and funded.

The last credible videotape from Osama bin Laden was the one from just after the 9/11 attacks in which he claimed complete innocence of the affair. bin Laden's job at the behest of the American government was not to attack New York. That was done by other operatives. Osama's job was to mire the Soviets down in Afghanistan in the 1980s and to bankrupt them by means of a guerrilla war. He did his job quite well. Most children of minor age would not recognize the term "Soviet Union," only "Russia" if they still have any sense of history and geography.

So why does Wikileaks, in their time of greatest vulnerability in terms of public perception, go out on a limb and claim to have proof of life on Osama bin Laden just four years ago, in 2006? I didn't want to believe it yesterday... I wanted to think that Jones was right and that Wikileaks were good, but I'm afraid that I am probably wrong, as was he, and that his guest experts were right. Wikileaks may be either influenced or completely controlled by the CIA, NSA and the rest of the government intelligence apparatus.

It's all about obfuscation for the government and the globalists who control it. It's about confusion and camouflage. Stirring up so much opaque particulate matter in the fish tank where we all live that we can't see so much as our own randomly flailing fins.

I am very suspicious of this whole Wikileaks affair. To release, in unauthenticated, plain-text, digital form 90,000+ documents allegedly obtained at risk from the U.S. military is provocative and dangerous enough. To do so at the time when Congress is debating military funding for the next year is quite curious. The only thing we can be certain of is that we are never being told the truth. "Whistleblowers" are often nothing more than plants. Remember that.