Friday, July 30, 2010

Now You're Cooking With Corexit!

Oil-Dispersant Mixture Found in Gulf Seafood

The ad line used to be "Now you're cooking with gas!" Well, you sort of still are now when cooking fish or shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, even if you use an electric stove. You're cooking with the oil, Corexit 9500 and the toxic gases that the mixture produces. Scientists have found the poison in blue crab larvae:

"'Corexit is in the water column, just as we thought, and it is entering the bodies of animals. And it's probably having a lethal impact there,' said Susan Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute. The dispersant, she said, is like 'a delivery system' for the oil."

The article has gotten the amount of Corexit used wrong -- BP now admit over 40 million gallons of their poison petroleum derivative have been pumped in the ocean, not the old figure of 1.8 million cited. So it's as I predicted. It starts with the poisoning of larvae, which small fish will then eat, go on to be eaten by larger fish, and on up the food chain until it gets to the species that people eat. Then it will start giving us cancer and killing us. But don't worry -- BP and Soetoro say that the disaster is over, the well is capped, no more oil is coming out of the non-existent "giant cauldron" miles away from the Macondo well, and no one can find the oil, even though they can. Swept under the rug, or beneath the waves, as it were, the Gulf oil disaster has been disappeared just in time for the Dimocrats to try and salvage the November elections. Watch out for an October surprise, and stay away from Red Lobster.

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