Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Seven Internet Guardians Given Keys to Restart After Catastrophe

How very interesting that the BBC should report this just after Soetoro has announced his Internet kill switch. Fascinating indeed. So, after a "catastrophe" has knocked the Internet's Domain Name System offline or after "cybercriminals" (the government performing a false flag attack) have hijacked the DNS servers to redirect you to fake sites, these Knights of the Internet will be there to save us all.

It's interesting that they arbitrarily chose the number seven -- very Biblical. Of course only five Knights need present themselves at a secret military base to restart the Internet. Let me tell you what's going on with this story. The government of this country as well as all the other Western nations, at the behest of the U.N., are in a desperate scramble to shut down the net before more information is passed between patriots. We are damaging the globalists and their plans to such a degree that the end of free speech is being openly announced.

The government will, in the next few years, attack the Internet itself, but claim that the Chinese or Russians or perhaps Tea Party hackers are responsible. They will use Soetoro's kill switch to shut off all access to online data. They will desperately try to find five of the seven knights, but perhaps only four are still alive, the other three having committed suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of their heads with shotguns. I'm betting the three expendables are the Knights from Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago and the Czech Republic will be the unfortunate ones, not the ones from America, Britain, Canada or China.

With those three Knights dead and their smart cards lost, the government will have no choice but to announce, in a sad and wistful tone, that the Internet cannot be restarted. If they were to turn their switch back on, they could no longer guarantee your "safety," the DNS system having been compromised by the evil Chinese, Russians or Tea Partiers. But not to fear, Soetoro or his successor will reveal the globalists' deus ex machina -- Internet 2.0. The technology is already in place but access to this closed, ultra-high-speed network is only currently available at select government facilities and private universities.

They will tell you that yes, it is very unfortunate that the original, open, free Internet was destroyed by the dastardly Tea Party but you'll love Internet 2.0 so much more... And, so that you never have to worry about such a travesty occurring again, they have much better security measures for Internet 2.0. Yes, you'll have to spend some time and money registering for your new government Internet Surfer's License, and yes, you will have to enter your government issued username and password every time you wish to access online data, but that really is not to much for them to ask of you, is it?

You will have a government black box between your cable, DSL or fiberoptic modem and your computer, without which you will not be able to access Internet 2.0, but it will be there for your "peace of mind," not so that the government will snoop on and record every single bit of data going in and out of your home or office. That's on record, the black boxes, by the way, it's in the "Cybersecurity" bill -- look it up. It's on record that you will have to have a license to use the new Internet, and all of Soetoro's fascist Czars and advisers, along with Ms. Toad, Elena Kagan, say that the government has the right to limit speech with which it does not agree.

I'm predicting right now that the Internet as we know it will be killed by the government within the next five years. There is other reason for a story like this, from Popular Science and the BBC, then picked up by Drudge, to have been fed to the media. It's a story that would normally only appear in a geek magazine like Wired, or in 2600, the hackers' quarterly publication. The only reason to inject this into the public's attention is to get them ready for the day when the Quorum of Five cannot be brought together to restart the old Internet. If the globalists get away with such an operation, the peaceful freedom movement in this country will effectively be on its deathbed.

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