Friday, July 30, 2010


Nancy Pelosi Blocks Gulf Disaster Investigation

Nancy Lugosi has stripped legislation from a bill that would have commissioned a panel of technical experts to investigate the explosion on Deepwater Horizon and the events of the months after. The reason -- protect Barry Soetoro, whose handling of the disaster has made apparent to all but the most dim that he wanted it to happen and to be as bad as possible, back when he thought he could get BP's carbon tax passed. All of a sudden, since the House announced that it would shelve that bill, Barry has had second thoughts, so he has ordered the media to perpetuate the lie that no more oil is leaking and that all the oil has magically disappeared.

And there's Lugosi, the lap dog of Barry, to cover his back. Lick his boots is more like it. This disgusting witch must be removed from office but the demented voters in San Francisco are so in love with her that this is unlikely. Nancy Pelosi has done more to destroy America in these last four years than even G.W. and "Obama" have. Is there any logical reason not to fully investigate the "accident" that BP caused on purpose and Barry made last as long as he thought he was on top?

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