Friday, July 30, 2010

Short Supply

FDA's Current List of Drug Shortages

Breakdown of Supplies' Uses

I didn't discover this, I first heard a caller to Alex Jones' show who works in the medical industry, and am listening to Steve Quayle talk about it now on his podcast. There is a mysterious shortage of many common drugs and medical supplies, curious because these are staples of the medical industry, not exotic, expensive, difficult-to-manufacture wonderdrugs. The caller and Quayle note that among these supplies are drugs that would be used to treat radiation sickness and battlefield trauma. More frightening is that also currently unavailable to private industry is an anesthetic that also has a strange side effect -- it can be used as a truth serum. Quayle notes that almost all of these drugs are what make up "crash carts" in hospitals.

Atropine and epinephrine are unavailable -- two key drugs that can save lives if given within minutes of a chemical warfare attack. These people believe that the government is stockpiling massive amounts of these drugs and supplies, possibly in anticipation or planning of an NBC war, and I'm not speaking of fighting peacocks. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare is on the horizon, folks. On the government's radar screen, to put it more precisely. On the globalists' computer simulations. Maybe the sudden unavailability of all these supplies, normally common as dirt, means nothing. I think it does.

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