Monday, July 26, 2010

Like a Rock

Oliver Stone: Jews in Media Prevent Hitler Being Portrayed Fairly

Oliver Stone is a buffoon. He is a tremendously talented director, but it seems that for all the stereotypical public perception that "the Jews" control Hollywood from top to bottom, many in that enclave of idiocy and debauchery are actually anti-Semites. Maybe Oliver can get together with Mel Gibson over a bottle of vodka and commiserate.

It seems that the issue of pro-Israel versus anti-Israel, for most people, is a complete black-and-white thing with no middle ground in a spectrum. Most people seem to be either 100% for or against Israel, and for those opposing, rabid, racist anti-Semitism also follows. I'm in the middle, leaning slightly pro-Israel. What Stone doesn't seem to understand is that the Israel issue is a canard created by the globalists after World War II and used very effectively ever since to keep people divided. That tiny country has been a huge wedge used by the banksters.

Oliver Stone obviously did a great deal of intelligent research and put a great deal of effort into making his film about the Kennedy assassination. Why can't he see that his problems with the media are not due to alleged Jewish control? It is the banksters and their overlords who control the media along with everything else in this dying world. If Stone could somehow leapfrog his anti-Semitism and pull back the curtain to reveal the wizard, maybe he could make a film that could truly start to wake up the dumbed down masses.

"Eyes Wide Shut" was Kubrick's best effort, but he was forced to cut out what are said to be the most provocative sequences shot. Then he died under very mysterious circumstances and the cut scenes have never been found, i.e. the globalists killed him and burned the scenes, allegedly. And that film was too quirky and inaccessible in its style to appeal to most viewers, and the part that really gets into the secret society is at the very end of a very, very long movie. I have no idea exactly what Oliver Stone's new Hitler film will try to do to Der Fuhrer's legacy, or what it will do to Stone's, but I wish he would devote his considerable talent toward exposing the truth of the present instead of attempting to spin history.

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