Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bone Thugs in Armory

From "Protect and Serve" to "Defect and Unnerve" in two generations. Watch as an undercover NYPD thug tries to intimidate an innocent citizen, hoping he'll stop filming the scene. For no apparent reason, just because these verminous, steroid-head power-tripping losers think they're gods. The "officer" threatens the little person with three days in jail complete with repeated rape.

And it's exactly this type of psychotic animal who are not only allowed into police forces across the nation, but are actively recruited and highly prized. Because when the government decides to initiate their final crackdown, when Homeland Security finally drops its mask and they come right out in the media and say that they are rounding up first the gun owners, military vets and old retired police, then the political dissidents and then the rest of Americans, they need "men" like this to carry out the orders.

Mindless, petty automatons who will not only grab you, your wives and children and throw the lot of you into FEMA camps at gunpoint, this type will actually enjoy killing the percentage of Americans who refuse to go. This is the kind of devolved people who comprise an ever-growing portion of police in the United States. And they have access to the latest paramilitary weaponry and armor, gifts of the loving federal government. And all to keep you safe. Doesn't that make you feel good?

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