Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creeping Death

I have been proven correct in this five minute piece by CNN, who are actually doing some real reporting for once. Independent scientists (not those being paid by BP to do no research) have found highly toxic levels of oil and Corexit on the sea floor just three miles from Panama City, Florida. They have found damage to the marine life and have determined that it will take the dispersed, sunken oil much longer to naturally degrade than it would if BP and Barry Soetoro had left it together, in plumes, on the water's surface, as it was before they started using the Corexit.

Plants are suffering chemical burns in areas which aren't even near the coastline -- the gases given off by the dispersant have been rising into the cloud layer, moved about and then dropped onto unsuspecting citizens' property in the rain. There is oil and Corexit in blue crabs and making its way up the food chain -- smaller fish are already dying in the hundreds of thousands and those photos are all over the 'net, and videos are manifold on Youtube.

BP and Barry say the Gulf oil disaster is over and almost entirely cleaned up. They're lying, they know that they are lying, and these mendacious criminals must be held responsible for the people, animals and plant life they're killing in their sick attempt to hide the scope of the crisis they created. This is far from over. We will all be lucky if we can talk about it only taking years to be over, rather than a time scale in decades.

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