Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Bottom Kill" Delayed at Least Seven Days

"I would say approximately seven days after I direct them to move ahead we would finish the pressure test and declare the well dead," [Thad Allen said]

The setback will be disappointing for weary Gulf Coast residents eager for the psychological relief of knowing a final death blow has been struck against a well that has unleashed such economic and environmental catastrophe.

Here's a shocker for you -- there's another delay in BP's alleged attempts to kill their stricken well. At least for a week no further progress will be made on the relief well, now just feet away from intercepting the so-called Macondo well. If you read this dumb blog you know what's really going on -- there are likely two wells at the MC252 site, both of which were damaged and only one of which (the older one) is capped, leaving the newer well that Deepwater Horizon was drilling in unknown condition.

Unknown because BP control all the cameras and all the information. The reality that Barry Soetoro refuses to call in the Navy to do their own underwater investigation of the site, to me anyway, is de factor proof of collusion. If he was not informed ahead of time of what I believe to be an intentional destruction of the well, or purposeful dereliction regarding safety procedures and equipment on the part of BP, I believe the president is using the situation to his advantage after the fact.

Or at least he was trying to, before Congress announced that the broad scale carbon tax, written by BP itself, was off the table for the year. But maybe all these delays in killing the well(s) are a stalling tactic, keeping the worst of the story out of the news (76% of the oil vanished) while still keeping it on the back burner in the media. I wonder if all of a sudden, after the elections in November, suddenly the situation if the Gulf may take another mysterious, inexplicable turn, this time for the worse. Then Barry can throw up his hands in panic, maybe calling in Al Whore for backup and his expertise on impending disasters, and demand that the lame-duck Congress pass crap-and-trade.

Don't put it past him. It's clear to me now that Thad Allen is in no way in on any possible conspiracy. And I'm probably too harsh on him, calling him vapid and ineffectual when it is BP who control the flow of information and Barry Soetoro pulling back on the reins of the Coast Guard and Navy to do anything useful. The whole thing is damned suspicious. BP said the well would be capped, top-killed, bottom-killed, finally shut for good weeks ago. And now we have to wait another week just to have them restart the relief well drilling? Are they kidding?

I wish I were an engineer so I could make more sense of all this talk of pressure readings. What is clear to me is one thing -- BP are continually lying to us. Remember when, before the capping procedure, BP announced that they hoped for psi readings in the neighborhood of upper-8000s to mid-9000s, but that 7500psi would be good and that the higher the better after the cap were in place, since higher pressure readings would mean more complete containment? And that the actual reading BP got once the well had been "capped" was 6,700psi? Remember how they tried to spin that once the grim news was revealed? I'll quote from a different article:

Pressure inside the Macondo well is holding at just more than 6,700 pounds per square inch a day after it was capped, National Incident Commander Thad Allen said.

The pressure reading is lower than officials had hoped for, but they have not yet determined if the low pressure is being caused by a leak or if the well has been "depleted" and is just no longer capable of producing a high pressure.

That spin was my favorite single piece of BP propaganda during this whole infernal affair because it damned them either way. They since have retracted this ridiculous piece of dishonesty. Because if the well's pressure were lower than expected due to the giant petroleum reserve having been "depleted" then BP just admitted that many, many times more oil and methane had escaped than they had been telling people. If that were not the case then they admitted that the well's integrity were shot. Either way it damns them.

And now we're still being told one day that pressure is high, the next that it is low, BP and Thad Allen have told conflicting accounts to the press on the same day on a couple of occasions and no one in the government or media seem to know what the hell is going on. They'd better find out quickly if they truly don't, because it appears that the sea floor is slowly losing integrity, and if it does give out and shatter, releasing all the petroleum in one massive rush it could be a planet killer. I suggest that Barry Soetoro stop worrying for once about his political career and that of his party and consider the possibility that this reserve BP drilled into could potentially affect every person, animal and plant on Earth. Yes, that's an apocalyptic vision but the Gulf oil disaster is beginning to seem like a bad Hollywood movie wherein the government knows an apocalypse is impending but decides not to tell its citizens. The suspense is killing me.

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