Sunday, August 15, 2010


Coast Guard Relies on BP for All Information in Gulf

Thad Allen: "We get a report every morning from BP about the last 24 hours. In fact, I sat in on a call this morning and they indicated no anomalies and that was either from visually from the ROVs, acoustically from the geophones or any other sensors they have down there, including any variation in temperature or vibration."

Did you hear this? It's exactly as I've been saying -- BP have a total and absolute control of the information that the media and even the government have about the Gulf oil terrorist operation, and I still insist that that is exactly what the thing is. Thad Allen should be fired immediately for this admission. BP are liable for $4300 in fines for every barrel of oil released, under the Clean Water Act signed into law after the Valdez oil spill. Of course they're not going to give information to the media or government that would damn them.

The government is being derelict in its duty to protect the American people from foreign threats, and that's what BP is -- a foreign threat. Make no mistake about it -- the Gulf oil disaster will have caused more economic damage than even the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11/2001 did. I don't care who believes me that Deepwater Horizon was blown up on purpose. The damage is the same no matter if it were terror or accidental. This admission is just one more piece of circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact that there is collusion between BP and the government. The Navy has equipment that could be used to survey the situation at MC252, but Barry Hussein Soetoro will not allow that to happen. Wake up and realize we're all being lied to.

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