Thursday, August 19, 2010


Media Hypes Story: More Americans Think Obama is Muslim

The media are really pushing the Obama-is-a-Muslim poll and the story of the controversy over the victory mosque. It's becoming more apparent that, for whatever political gain they think the Democrats might realize from this strange campaign, these stories are being synchronized with the possible coming war with Iran or even with Pakistan.

It could be that the liberal media (and the liberal Congress -- just look at what Pelosi just said about the mosque and its detractors) are trying to draw out the less book-learned but still very patriotic members of the conservative movement. The people that the Anderson Coopers and Rachel Madcows think of as dumb, racist, gun-owning hicks, in other words. Are the media trying to provoke some kind of violent lashing out from misguided individuals, hoping to portray the Democrat party and the Muslim community both once more as sensitive, caring groups who are the victims of evil conservative persecution?

It just seems very strange that after the last couple of years, when the Islam versus America dynamic had largely faded into the background of media attention, all of a sudden it is now once again being brought to the fore. Leading up to the election of 2008 the media were screaming about white, Christian America being both racist against black people (from whom Soetoro derives half his parentage) and being bigoted against Muslims (who they claimed he never was). I don't think Soetoro is a Muslim and even if he is I don't care -- that's not the crux of my problem with him, his religion.

Barry Soetoro was raised for a few years in Indonesia in the Muslim faith, but then when he decided to run for public office he dropped whatever prior commitment he may have had to that and entered the bizarre, racist, Black Theology church of the Irreverend Jeremiah Wright. I think the president is an opportunist, a narcissistic sociopath and an anti-American agent controlled by the globalist elite and their bankster minions.

If Barry Soetoro would stop destroying the country on a daily basis, I would welcome his daily calls to prayer being broadcast in real time on all three cable news networks. If the people who will inhabit the Ground Zero Victory Mosque actually use the place to educated the different religions in America about each other, in a spirit of peace and cooperation, I think that would be fantastic. Let them both prove us all wrong.

But let's quit being distracted by both of these stories, being waved at us like the red capes in a matador's arena. The media think that by flashing these stories of third-rate importance, the bull-headed American conservative male will follow and be led off course. We're not that easily distracted, and not as dumb as the media and the Soetoro administration believe. Alex Jones is talking about the mosque story being a canard, Mike Rivero is talking about it being used to hype up support for another war against Muslims, and Savage is saying that the religion of peace should have the decency to build the center in a different neighborhood but that we must allow it to be built or we place every American on a slippery slope.

Yesterday I wrote that I would no longer write about the Victory Mosque. I'm not, per se -- this is about two stories being used in a package to try and provoke a specific response from conservative Americans. Soetoro's religion matters nothing in the grand scheme of what is being done to us, and the potential mosque is insulting but largely inconsequential in proportion to the real stories in the news. The media are starting to pay attention to the reality of the Gulf Coast environmental disaster. But they have polluted the American informational landscape with so many false stories, so many lies that I doubt even they could manage to navigate their way safely back to the truth through the minefield of deception and spin they've laid.

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