Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pelosi: Investigate Critics of Proposed NYC Mosque

Barring any kind of startling new developments in the tale of the proposed Victory Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero in New York, I'm going to stop talking about it. Because it is obvious that the media, then Barry Soetoro and now Nancy Lugosi are doing everything they can to use this story as a canard, as a distraction. The current state of our union is so dire that anything, even a story like this which makes Democrats and liberals look bad, is as valuable as gold to their party this close to the November elections.

The Democrat party is on life support if the polls are to be believed, and I don't believe most of the polls. The numbers we see in the controlled media are probably skewed as they nearly always are in favor of the Dimocrat party. They will probably lose even more seats than the "experts" currently project and they and their buddies at CNN and MSNBC and the three-letters will throw out anything to capture the public's attention and divert it from the stories that matter.

Yes, it matters to me that the questionable, verminous radical Muslim so-called imam in New York is using money from every country in the Middle East to erect a permanent middle finger to America right next to the site of the destroyed World Trade Center. But that shouldn't be the top story having dominated the media for the last week and still doing so today. It's a grand distraction and working well so far.

The Victory Mosque is an insult, but like any other insult, unless it is actively used to train terrorists or acts as a conduit for funding them, it will not have any direct effect on me -- it will be like any other insult. The things that do affect us all directly the media are trying their best to ignore or spin. The economy is being destroyed by design, the Constitution is being shot full of holes with help from insane liberal judicial activists, we are gearing up for war with Iran and there is poison being deliberately added to nearly everything we ingest or handle. That is what matters and what should be the talk of America, not the Muslims' stupid Victory Mosque.

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