Monday, August 16, 2010


Mike Rivero came up with the clever name "floornado," not I. Here you see the creation and result of one of the naturally-forming vents in the sea floor that I've been telling you about for weeks. There is no doubt about this problem whatsoever and you can see it happening with your own eyes. This is why BP and Barry Soetoro are lying nearly every time they speak about the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. It's not over, even if they did cap the one well they admit exists, and even if they did cap the other one I've proven exists.

The current crux of the problem lies not at the wells, but in the ground itself. These undersea vents have been spotted at a radius of at least 20 miles from the MC252 site. This will continue and it will continue to get worse. Soetoro is hoping that the entire sea floor will not rupture before the November elections, but more and more of these vents are being caught and recorded from BP's ROV cameras. God help us all if the worst happens and all of that petroleum is released in one massive rush, rather than leaking out very slowly for decades, as it currently is, through these tiny vents.

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