Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lead Zeppelin

'Hindenburg Omen' Portends Wall Street Crash

When the publication asked Omen creator Miekka if investors should bail out of the market now, he replied: "I'll be dancing close to the door."

Financial analysts are warning that the "Hindenburg Omen" has been seen, which historically has led to catastrophic stock market collapses. Though not always followed by a crash once seen, the papers are reporting that the omen has been seen before every crash since 1987, and it's appeared once more.

From Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham to Geithner, Bernanke, Goldman and Sachs in a single generation. This new group is collaborating with their bosses and their cronies in government and in the financial industry, scoring the orchestrated symphony of the coming collapse of the U.S. economy. Already crippled to a stunning extent the current timeline is to pull the dollar down completely sometime in 2012. The globalists' timeline is never set in stone, they adjust continually to external pressures and forces.

We can be such a force and possibly delay the complete collapse of America by voting as many incumbents, both Republican and Democrat, out of the House and Senate in November. But American must insist that the new Congress immediately concentrate on resurrecting Ron Paul's full audit of the Federal Reserve banking system. If that is not done, this country will crash and burn with even greater spectacle than that created by the fabled old dirigible.

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