Monday, August 16, 2010

Floating Purple People Eater

BP Worker: Giant, Floating Purple Masses in Gulf Ocean

Stewart, a third generation commercial fisherman, told Truthout he had regularly seen "purple looking jelly stuff, three feet thick, floating all over, as wide as a football field" and "tar balls as big as a car." He, like Miller, is an eyewitness to planes dispensing dispersant at night, as well as the Carolina Skiff crews spraying dispersant. "I worked out off the barrier islands of Mississippi," Stewart said. "They would relentlessly carpet bomb the oil we found with dispersants, day and night. . ."

Stewart, echoing what VOO employees across the Gulf Coast are saying, told Truthout his crew would regularly find oil, report it, be sent away, then either watch as planes or Carolina Skiffs would arrive to apply dispersants, or come back the next day to find the white foamy emulsified oil remnant that is left on the surface after oil has been hit with dispersants.

Stewart added, "Whenever government people, state or federal, would be flying over us, we'd be instructed to put out all our boom and start skimming, acting like we were gathering oil, even when we weren't in the oil."

While acting as whistleblowers, Miller and Stewart have both been accused of being "troublemakers" and "liars" by persons in the Mississippi government and some of their local media, in spite of the fact that they are doing so from deep concern for their fellow fisherman and the environment.

Meanwhile, both men told Truthout they live with chronic headaches and other symptoms they've been experiencing since they were exposed to toxic dispersants while in the VOO program. Recent trips to investigate their waters for oil and dispersant have worsened their symptoms.

I didn't predict football-field-size purple masses of jelly floating in the ocean, but the rest of it I did. The chemicals BP have been spraying onto and dumping into the ocean are there, as is all the oil, no matter what the company and Thud Allen tell you. And things in the five Gulf Coast states are not getting better, they are worsening, again as I told you they would. Toxic rain has been killing plants in states which don't even have coastlines. The gasses given off by the mixture of methane, oil and Corexit have been taken up into the clouds, moved around and have fallen back to Earth. This is happening all over the place. I have no idea exactly what the purple masses consist of, but I am fairly certain they are not nutritious.

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