Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hope Diamond

Obama Still Campaigning on Hope and Fear

"Don't give in to fear," Obama said Monday in his latest ominous vision of a country led by the opposition party. "Let's reach for hope."

On Monday, he warned of reliving a dreadful past, saying Republicans want voters "to be afraid of the future."

"The worst thing we could do is to go back to the very same policies that created this mess in the first place," Obama said at a fundraiser in Wisconsin. "In November, you're going to have that choice."

Let me ask you, America: how has Hope and Change worked for you? Is your life and are your prospects for the future better after 17 months of Barry Hussein Soetoro's imperial rule or worse? Did all of his grandiose promises come true or has he done the opposite of what what he promised? President Barry promised to immediately withdraw all combat troops from the Middle East. Was that done or are there more brave men and women serving under this verminous, illegal alien commander-in-grief? Did the economy bloom and prosper thanks to his stimulus bills, or has unemployment skyrocketed? Are you excited about SoetoroCare or afraid because, as has recently been admitted even in the lamestream media, the death panels do actually exist, care will be rationed, and senior citizens will suffer the worst of it?

The Hope/Change versus fear dynamic which Soetoro employs reminds me of the similar character which the late Patrick Swayze played in Donnie Darko. Using much the same language and scaremongering tactics, that character attempted to convince schoolchildren that he understood them, that he had all the answers to unlock their inner potential, that if they just would listen to him and adopt his philosophy, all their problems would be solved. Does that sound familiar, even if you haven't seen the movie?

Barry Soetoro sold America a bill of goods. He does not have the answers except as to how to destroy the economy, denude you of your freedoms and look good for cameras doing it. He pretended that he had a perfect gem of a plan for you, a flawless, colorless diamond of immense value. Barry convinced 52% of voters that he and only knew how to bring America back from the brink of economic disaster and instead has purposely done every single thing he can to make the situation worse.

Barry Soetoro is a fugazi. Literally and figuratively. His name, though he was given it at birth, is currently, legally not Barack Hussein Obama but Barry Soetoro. He never did care for Hope, only for Change with a capital 'C' to match that of his other favorite C-word: Communism. Barry hoped Americans would be dumb enough to believe the corporate-controlled media and elect the first black president of the United States simply out of guilt. They did. He never had any substance, no record of meaningful activity in national politics, no qualifications whatsoever aside from the fact that he is quite handsome, has an attractive voice, was young and fit in the public appearance of JFK, and was not the usual crusty old white guy that becomes president.

Dimocrats and independents hoped for a diamond and what they got was a faceted piece of plastic. That's all Soetoro is -- a very good fake, an imitation of a real president. He is the globalist elite's hand puppet and now even the idiots who voted for Him are beginning to realize it. President Barry's days in the Red House are numbered because there is no way that he will be re-elected, considering his plummeting poll numbers. America realizes that it was deceived and, without massive electronic voting fraud, Barry stands no chance in 2012. It's over for him politically. I wish he would have the decency to resign but he does not and will not. The globalists won't let him, even if he personally should desire to do so. So we all have to suffer another two and one half years under this faker, still spewing his rhetoric of Hope and Change. Some jewel this guy turned out to be.

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