Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let Loose the Drones of War

Warmongers: Israel Has Only Days to Strike Iran's Reactor

Israel has only mere days to launch an attack on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor if Russia makes good on its plan to deliver fuel there this weekend, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned Tuesday.

He said that once Russia has loaded the fuel into the reactor -- slated for Saturday – Israel would no longer be willing to strike for fear of triggering widespread radiation in an attack.

Marvelous, but I guess in a way it's good that the timetable is so short -- we won't have to wait long to know whether we'll see the start of World War III this year. Because that is what an Israeli or joint Israeli and American attack on the Bushehr reactor would trigger. Unlike some people in the "conspiracy theorist" community I actually do think that Iran is trying to build a miniaturized nuclear weapon able to be fitted onto their Shahab missile systems.

For the purposes of this discussion that is immaterial. Whether or not Ahmadenijad is pursuing weapons or peaceful nuclear energy production does not change the current situation -- we are one week away from the Russians delivering the reactor's fuel rods and beginning to insert them. Accounts in the media claim that an attack on that installation after the fuel rods are on site would create a radiological disaster much worse than that which occurred at Chernobyl.

This must not happen, so if Israel indeed is dead-set on taking out that site in Iran, they will have to do it very soon. I cannot imagine that even brazen Israel would attack the reactor after it is operational because the cloud of radiation would spread all over the Middle East and then further east towards Russia, China and the rest of Asia. The waters of the Persian Gulf and the all-important Strait of Hormuz would be poisoned. It would be unthinkable.

I hope nothing happens, but Israel drew up plans months ago to use both manned fighter jets and drone aircraft to strike Iran's scattered nuclear facilities. If you wake up one morning and gas is suddenly $10 a gallon when it was $2.65 the day before you'll know what happened. It would be an absolute nightmare and the beginning of a third World War. And the scary thing is that the globalists want this to happen. Stay tuned...

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