Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Under No Pressure

Allen: Pressure, Or Lack of Pressure Is Good, or Bad

Admiral Thad Allen said that an earlier successful process sealing the well from above may have wedged cement between two layers of casing, trapping leaked crude inside the void.

That has forced officials to put on hold plans to seal the well from below by flushing first a heavy drilling fluid called "mud" and then cement into the damaged structure via an intercept from a second relief well.

"When we do the intercept well and commence pumping mud and cement... it will create pressure," Allen said.

"We want to make sure before I give the order and direct BP to do that, that we know the implications of that pressure, and how we will deal with it."

Let me get this straight. First, high pressure would be bad. Next low pressure would be bad. Then, with middling pressure readings, BP decided that mediocre pressure was best.

Thad Allen is a submoron. I am also a moron but I am smart enough to detect what is going on here. Another lie. Another deception and fraud. BP are lying. The fact that this admiral cannot think for himself forces me to determine that he is more of a rear admiral than a fleet admiral. I'm tired of being tooled in the rear by BP and Barry Soetoro. You should as well.

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