Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thinking Outside the Bugs

EPA, DoD Brought in to Help Solve Bedbug Crisis

The federal government now is devoting some of its resources to solve the endemic bedbug problem in Ohio, which I'm sure is nice for Ohioans. Never mind that the reappearance of the pestilence is as a direct result of the government's invitation to 30+ million illegal aliens to come on in and bring their diseases and bugs with them. Also discount the fact that the government banned the pesticides which were used for decades to remediate such problems, for "environmental" and "health" reasons.

I have the perfect solution for Ohio, for the EPA and the Department of Defense -- buy even more Corexit 9500 from BP and use the spraying planes which are no longer being used in the Gulf of Mexico (they are -- at night when no one can see) and simply blanket the entire state with dispersant from the air. And for particularly badly infected buildings just send in exterminators with portable tanks of the stuff.

Because, as BP and Barry Soetoro tell you, Corexit is perfectly harmless -- it's even good for you. BP's ads say it's no more toxic than dishwashing soap. So why not? Everyone wins -- Ohio's bedbug problem goes away, BP makes even more money and Barry gets to prove that he and his administration are geniuses. And if all the plant life in the state suffers mysterious chemical burns, the media won't be able to put two and two together. It's a beautiful idea -- go for it Barry! You can be a hero in the swing state of Ohio!

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