Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spinal Tap

Saudi Judge Considering Surgical Paralysis For Punishment

A Saudi judge has asked several hospitals in the country whether they could damage a man's spinal cord as punishment after he was convicted of attacking another man with a cleaver and paralyzing him, the brother of the victim said Thursday.

Abdul-Aziz al-Mutairi, 22, was left paralyzed and subsequently lost a foot after a fight more than two years ago. He asked a judge in northwestern Tabuk province to impose an equivalent punishment on his attacker under Islamic law, his brother Khaled al-Mutairi told The Associated Press by telephone from there.

He said one of the hospitals, located in Tabuk, responded that it is possible to damage the spinal cord, but it added that the operation would have to be done at another more specialized facility. Saudi newspapers reported that a second hospital in the capital Riyadh declined, saying it could not inflict such harm.

In a story which rings of the exploits of one Josef Mengele, a judge in Saudi Arabia, our dear allies and devoted followers of the The Religion Of Peace, is considering having a man convicted of assault clinically paralyzed by a hospital surgeon. Evidently the only Book which exists, praise be to Its cover, pages and binding, is rather unforgiving in Its prescription for punishment:

"We are asking for our legal right under Islamic law," the brother said. "There is no better word than God's word — an eye for an eye."

Alright, if that's what God want, a spinal cord for a spinal cord... I don't care about the people of Saudi Arabia, let me make that honestly clear. If they want to continue living under Islamic law and suffering under a repressive royal family that sucks the entire wealth of the country into its walled and guarded compounds, leaving nothing for the ordinary sheople, that's their problem. My concern is that there are forces at work, right now, in our country which are beginning the push for Sharia law to be introduced.

At first you will see it pop up in places like Dearborn, MI, where the Muslim population is higher by percentage of total than anywhere else in the United States. At first it will be an optional, alternative system of justice with which disputes among Muslims will be decided. With that precedent having been set, they will then push for it to be available statewide, then nationwide. And when the stupid American people, cowed by decades of political-correctness brainwashing, accept Sharia law as a national "alternative," the push will then start for it to be mandatory.

Think it can't happen? That we could wake up one day and find one of the thousands of demented, liberal judges here shopping hospitals and doctors to find one willing to break the Hippocratic oath and purposely paralyze a "patient" because The Book says that such an atrocity is appropriate, praise Its Holy Index? It could happen. And there will be billions and billions of dollars coming in from Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim OPEC countries to make it so. Money that we give them for their oil, which they could never have extracted without American and British companies building all of their infrastructure for them. It's the perfect punishment for decades of idiotic liberal policies in America. We built their oil empire, we pay them when they should be paying us, and our own money will be used against us to impose Sharia law.

And the people who scream and bray about "tolerance" and "understanding" all day and night, the submorons in San Francisco and West Hollywood and elsewhere, should take some time to rethink their attitudes. Muslims of the hardcore variety, the spinal cord-taking sort, hate anyone who is not of The Religion Of Peace, may its passages live forever in the halls of Allah. And they especially hate homosexuals. I wonder what the punishment would be for the Barney Frank types of America? It certainly wouldn't be pretty to look at.

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