Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crystal Blue Assuasion

Obama Didn't Technically Swim in Gulf Water

I noticed this yesterday but didn't post about it because the technicality was just indicative of one more lie from Barry Soetoro. Tip of the hat to Mike Rivero for noticing what i couldn't because I am color-blind. Barry and his daughter Sasha allegedly went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico to prove how safe and wonderful the water is now that 76% of the oil has been disappeared. Except they didn't. I look up on Google Maps exactly where they swam and noticed that it was in a cove protected from inflow of of the toxic water from BP's oil disaster:

Soetoro's press people told the media that they swam in the Gulf of Mexico but they actually swam in St. Andrew's Bay. Mike Rivero points out that the water in these inland coves is greenish colored due to the algae which grows in them, whereas the picture that the liar-in-chief released to the media shows himself and his daughter cavorting in crystal blue waters, trying to assuage the American people and get people to drop their fears over eating Gulf seafood and visiting the afflicted states as tourists.

Compare the two colors for yourself -- that shown on Google Maps to that of the official Red House photo released to the public. The official photo is an official lie just like everything else coming out of this criminal, mendacious administration. Keep in mind that no media were allowed to accompany Barry Soetoro on his swim -- the only people present were the Secret Service and the official Red House photographer.

It's one more in the unbroken day-to-day series of lies. The photo was clearly taken in a swimming pool, and there is a Mariott resort at St. Andrew's Bay. I think that's where the photo was snapped. I'm giving Barry a new nickname -- the Decepticon, because he is the globalists' puppet robot whose job it is to deceive us all.

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