Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Actual Racist

Web Site of the Verminous James Wickstrom

I am listening to an online radio show that is unbelievable in this day and age. I heard this person, if he deserves the dignity to be called anything less than sub-human vermin, Dr. James Wickstrom, referenced to on Todd Schnitt's radio show. I love Schnitt on politics and especially the war on terror, but he totally discounts all conspiracy theories. So this alleged Drd, Wickstrom put out an article where he basically theorizes that the Gulf oil disaster will be much worse than anyone in the media or government are letting on, then goes on to speculate about some sort of giant gas bubble or something that will destroy all life 50-200 miles in from the coastline.

So I looked this person up on Google, and right away you see on his site the Nazi eagle. Not a good start. I downloaded a podcast from June 16, and the very first thing I heard was along the lines of "This is Yaweh's Truth, the radio show for the white man." And in the first five minutes they're calling "Barack Obama" a "nigger" and a "closet faggot," two terms which I would never use, even as much as I dislike Barry. That's just wrong. And then this rat bum fake Doctor has insulted Jewish people at least half a dozen times in the last ten minutes, and gone on to explain that white people are the only true people whom God made in His own image. I have never heard anything like this before. I would suspect this worm and his guest to be government plants to stir up racial tension, except that I imagine they have fewer listeners than their combined moronic IQ.

With all the talk in the media, the constant drumbeat of how America is such a racist country, this is really the first time I've ever heard the sort of talk that is portrayed in the movies. This is like being transported back to the 1920s in Mississippi and landing in the middle of a clan rally. Now they're saying that Jews are the children of Satan and that Jesus said so. This I highly doubt, since Christ was Jewish. This is so unbelievable that I would think it a clever spoof, but you can hear the idiocy in their accents and their poor sentence construction.

"If whites don't wake up to the enemy they're layin' in bed with..."

They're calling Barry "Obongo," obviously a racist reference to his part-African heritage. They just made laughing reference to the Holocaust. And these vermin have the audacity to call their show "Yaweh's Truth?" I have news them -- the afterlife is not going to be as pleasant for them as they think. And I'll go further -- Soetoro and Pelosi and Reid have their law in place where anyone can be arrested for hate speech. Arrest these two filthy, racist rats tomorrow. Give them ten years in a federal prison with all the "niggers" and "kikes" and whatever other races of people that they hate, and then we'll see how tough they are.

OK, I just heard them talk about Jews killing Christian children and drinking their blood, "which they do!!!" I'd heard Alex Jones talking about people like this, and saying that there actually are nuts who believe that Jews drink the blood of children. I didn't believe him. Listen to this radio show and hear the voices of hate, masquerading as true Christians, every bit as irrational and full of baseless anger as the radical Muslims. Truly unbelievable.

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