Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Most Dangerous Game

BP Passes Gov't Deadline With No New Solution

Obama Golfs (Again) As Gulf Dies

I have a new theory on why the government is purposely stalling any sort of meaningful efforts both to stop the flow of new oil into the Gulf of Mexico and to clean up the hundreds of millions of gallons already in the water and having washed ashore. More of an added layer than a new theory to be more precise. I now believe, in addition to everything I've written about in the last few days about the globalists trying to destroy the economy of that region and trying poison people and wildlife with their Corexit dispersant, they may be actually trying to provoke an armed rebellion by the citizens.

Follow me on this. In any other disaster scenario like this (though this is far worse than any other disaster in history) the government would be doing its best, assisted by their paid-in-full media purse dogs, to appear to the people as if it were doing every single thing in its power to solve the problem. Whether or not they would actually do anything useful would depend on the nature of the crisis and their own motives, of course, but they would strive to maintain an appearance of concern and action. What we have seen these last 54 days is fake concern and no action.

Actually, that's not correct -- there has been plenty of government action, but all negative, not positive. They have prevented local and state officials and individual citizens from doing anything at all in their level with teams of lawyers and the National Guard to back them up. They are using the excuse of an obsolete law from the 1920s to say that they can't have the military do anything to help.

And here's why I think they may actively be trying to provoke Joe Gun Owner through their inaction and conceit. You have Soetoro, who above all else cares about his own current image and his future legacy, doing absolutely zero besides chiding BP and threatening to kick their ass on Good Morning America. And he is not only doing nothing, he's out playing a four hour round of golf, again. Hillary is out of the country, Biden is at the World Cup, Rambo Emanuel is nowhere to be found except having Super Soaker fights in front of press cameras, and we have heard nothing at all from the Marxist Secretary of Interior Carol Browning.

It seems to me that in this one instance, Barry has received orders to do the opposite of what he has when dealing with the economy, the foreign wars and practically everything else he's done to destroy the country thus far. Instead of pretending that he's doing everything in his power (and creating new unconstitutional powers) to fix this situation or improve that, his administration seems to be doing everything possible to shove it in our faces that they are not doing anything besides blaming BP.

So why would they do this? I believe this is a beta test to see if they can finally provoke armed rebellion amongst the American people. They certainly picked the right area with their whole Gulf oil sabotage operation. Those are the states with the highest concentration of gun ownership, and some of the highest percentage of conservatives versus liberals. They already have the National Guard in place, FEMA are haunting the states, though of course they are not doing anything to help. I believe they will let the oil flow as long as they need and continue to have their agents actively prevent the local fishermen from cleaning up literally just their own front yards.

The American people are already near the boiling point from everything Bush did in his last term, especially the last year, and they are enraged from what Soetoro has done to dismantle every single American institution and founding principle at best speed. We have watched, helpless, as the government not only has purposely done nothing for nearly two full months to either mitigate the flow of oil into the Gulf, but seem to be prodding us, saying, "Yeah, we haven't done anything and we're not gonna. What are you going to do about it? We'll kick your ass!"

They are trying to get the people to attack them that the 2009 MIAC Report warned local and state law enforcement agencies of -- us, the gun owners, the patriots, the white Christian males, the taxpayers, the business owners, the people who built this country. This must not happen. I don't think it will happen. Most gun owners are highly intelligent people, not the mindless hicks portrayed in the media, and most are aware of what is really happening. They have already shown incredible restraint, since Bush and Soetoro are probably already eligible for trials on charges of high treason. They will continue to restrain themselves.

But the situation in the Gulf is so dire that this cannot remain as is. You have story after story of Nth-generation shrimpers, fishermen and oyster farmers who have had to shut their businesses down. And Barry imposed a 6-month moratorium on all offshore drilling, so BP and everyone else are already pulling their operations out of this country and moving elsewhere. So he has destroyed two of the three pillars of the Gulf Coast economy, and he's working on the third, which is tourism.

Someone will snap, and then that will give Soetoro the excuse to bring in the police state. And if the real citizens are more patient than they would prefer, they will simply use their oldest trick and run false flag attacks, using their own police or military to attack themselves, and proceed as if the attacks were done by the Joe Gun Owners.

This is the only explanation that makes sense. I've been perplexed for weeks that they haven't even tried to seem to be doing anything. I knew from the start that they wouldn't actually do anything but they always act like they are. Not this time. And so the answer came an hour ago, when I saw on Drudge that Soetoro was going to play golf again. Put that along with his announcement a week or so ago that he would personally meet with top-level BP execs, but not for 10 more days, and it clicked. They are trying to provoke a specific response by the American people, which they will then use to have the police and military confiscate our firearms.

Gun ownership is the only reason why they have not been able to impose their total lockdown, command-and-control 1984 state. If they either force real people to attack their forces or they can successfully run false flags without being exposed, watch out. That will be the end of the end of your freedom. We're already past the beginning of the end, floating somewhere in the middle. But the oil flow in the Gulf is propelling us further towards that end.

It is indeed a very dangerous game they're playing. As always, remember that 100% peaceful resistance is the only way to defeat the globalists. At this stage of the game, information is far more powerful a weapon than handguns or even assault rifles. If enough people are informed of this possibility, and again this is my own speculation, but if they know what to watch for and then see things happening, perhaps the whole scheme can be exposed and stopped without physical nastiness. It's the only way for us to win.

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