Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Surprise

Human Genome Project Proves Worthless

Oh, the Human Genome Project hasn't actually yielded the Star Trek-like cures it promised? Could it be that the purpose of mapping the complete human DNA structure was not for humanitarian purposes, but instead to allow the globalists the data necessary to construct race-specific and individual-specific bioweapons?

The Russians, frugal as always, used a human agent bearing polonium-laced sushi the last time they neutralized a threat to their regime. The global elite have fancier tricks. Every baby born in a hospital in the western world for the last 37 years has had its blood illegally drawn after birth for storage in a global DNA database. Google it since you don't believe me. Follow this link since you're too lazy to do that.

They have our genotypes already stored in massive databases. So why not publicly admit that the Genome Project yielded no positive results? They got what they wanted. They processed the results. Now it's time to stick it in your face that you gave them millions of dollars to fund a project that will help them kill you.

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