Saturday, June 19, 2010

They Don't All Come Here To Work

Watch this on my page or click the link in the window and you can watch it in 720p HD on Youtube.Watch as a horde of what look and sound to illegal aliens hoot and holler and destroy the taxi of a hardworking driver. These are who Barry Hussein Soetoro, Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed are importing as quickly as possible to neighborhoods near you. Note the racial makeup of the crowd. I won't go any further or I could be arrested for hate speech.

Watch all the young people capturing the crime on their cameraphones. I doubt any one of them used their phone to do what a phone is supposed to be used for -- calling, as in 911. But they aren't too brave when they start to hear the police sirens finally approach, are they? Listen to the panic in the young "man's" voice, the only one in the crowd who can be heard to speak English.

They do not all come here to work. They are being funneled into this country to further destroy the last bits of our civil society which remain. They are doing a very good job.I'd say 50% come here to work, 30% come here to drop an anchor baby and live off of welfare, and 20% come to murder, rape, rob and simply run wild, protected by police policies all over the country which prohibit officers from arresting or detaining people if they are illegal.

Next time you hear the B.S. line from someone you know that they all come here to work, remember this video and link them to it. Time to reverse the flow of Mexicans. We have enough of their culture, we need no more of their wonderful "ambassadors." They are here in numbers of at least 30 million, and they have been riled up into a racist frenzy by despicable groups like MECHA and La Raza. I have a corollary to La Raza's motto -- how about this: for Americans, everything, for illegal aliens, nothing. But liberals would call me a racist for writing that, while they lick the boots of La Raza, who have named themselves "The Race." Savage is right -- liberalism is a mental disorder.

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