Monday, June 14, 2010

Score It

Obama To Push Energy Bill In Speech Wednesday

Barry likes basketball, so in his terms, I have scored a 3-pointer from way beyond the arc. I told you a week ago that one of the angles to this Gulf oil disaster would be for him to perceive a mandate for pushing the globalists' crap-and-trade bill through Congress. So let's see what the Tele-Prompter tells him to say tomorrow night. Will the speech it orders him to give be powerful enough to convince the American people to accept yet another economy-killing monster bill?

No, but that doesn't matter one bit. Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed will do their best to get it passed before the new Congress is sworn in early next year. If they do ram it down, your electricity bill and gasoline cost will instantly double. We have to fight against whatever they will rename cap-and-trade, the Rainbow and Unicorns Happy Energy Greening Act, maybe. It will be the final blow to our national economy.

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