Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucie in the Sky With Diamonds

Obama Loses Even Matthews and Olbermann After Speech

Thank you Christ Matthews and Keith Olbermann. For once, thank you for being honest instead of disingenuous. Soetoro, who the radio host known as Hawk calls the Lucie Joker Tut (Luciferian, a total joke, a would-be boy-king) gave a speech yesterday on the Gulf disaster which was so empty, directionless and emotionless that even these two shills from MSNBC were shocked into a moment of truth-telling.

Matthews said he does not sense "executive command." There's a very simple reason for that -- Soetoro is not in charge. Sure, he is given the leisure to do things the globalists care nothing about one way or the other, like having Mrs. Soetoro implement a push for better childrens' exercise and "nutrition," but for the big picture type actions, he takes his orders directly from the shadowy elite.

Barry has no intention of cleaning up the Gulf, because the banksters want it destroyed. So President Kick-Ass got on the tube yesterday and delivered a milquetoast speech that was so unfocused it startled even his staunchest supporters. I watched Frank Luntz on Fixed News interviewing 30 or so people after the speech. Not surprisingly every single person thought the speech was horrible except for two, who thought it was marvelous and told Fixed that Obama is doing everything he can, and everything right.

Not surprisingly, they happened to be the only two African-Americans in the focus group. Barry still enjoys 90% support among black people, even though his national approval rating is in the forties. This blind loyalty to a puppet who has done more to destroy the American economy and especially the lives of poorer Americans is sad but in no way surprising. Sharkton and Hijackson have spent the last 30 years ensuring that the progress that was made in race relations in the 1960s and '70s is not only evaporated, but that black people hate white people even more than in the heyday of the vermin in the Ku Klux Klan.

Soetoro's speech was perhaps most remarkable for his pitch that he doesn't have any idea how we'll get there, has no plans, no ideas of how to do it, but we will get to a green economy where we are no longer dependent on foreign oil. Because his energy Czar has a Nobel Prize. He actually said that -- that was his killer point. Somehow, just because he always has been handed what he wanted on a platinum platter, Barry wants, by fiat, a green energy revolution.

I heard on the radio a great line to share with your friends -- this so-called green revolution is analogous to a watermelon -- green on the outside and Red on the inside. Barry's diamond-encrusted wonderful future no-CO2 economy is truly pie in the sky. Maybe America will be powered by teams of rainbow-colored unicorns running inside giant hamster-type wheels. Better hope unicorns don't fart, Barry, you lowlife piece of cap.

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